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Pricing: 160 spikes per box - $65 per box
Shipping: $18.50 per 2 boxes

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Thank you for your interest in Edgetite. Edgetite spikes come in boxes of 160 pieces and are $65 per box. We are able to ship the boxes through USPS Flat Rate and every 1-2 boxes cost $18.50 to ship. If you are interested in purchasing the Edgetite spikes please use the payment form below.


  1. Use the payment calculator to the right to determine your order's total.
  2. Enter the total number of boxes you require.
  3. Type the total price into the payment form below and type the number of boxes you require into the invoice number.
  4. Complete the remainder of the billing information and click submit.

We will ship your order to your billing address(no PO boxes, please). If we have any questions regarding your order we will contact you or if you have special shipping instructions, please contact us.

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